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Lipoma Removal

A lipoma is a benign tumour composed of mature fat cells (normal fatty tissue) that usually appears subcutaneously (between the skin and the underlying muscle). Lipomas are almost always non-cancerous. A lipoma can develop anywhere on the body, but they tend to appear most often on the head, neck, shoulders, and back.

A lipoma removal is a medical procedure that allows the extraction and removal of these benign tumours from any part of the body. This treatment is performed by our Double-Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Kristy Bailey. 

Surgical Treatments

Our Surgical Dermatology Treatments

Mole Removal

Moles can be surgically removed for cosmetic purposes, to remove or prevent the forming of skin cancer.

Cyst Removal

Cysts and lipomas are benign growths that may grow and become inflamed causing pain and irritation.


Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are benign skin growths that occur over time in areas of friction. They are not harmful and can be removed.

Lipoma Removal

Lipoma Removal

Most lipomas are surgically removed using local anesthesia and performed without the need for hospitalization. This surgery is performed by our Surgical Dermatologist Dr. Kristy Bailey. Once the lipoma is surgically excised, the wound is stitched using sutures which will typically be removed after 2 weeks.

Accurate diagnosis

Lipomas can sometimes mimic other skin conditions. Surgical removal allows the lipoma to be carefully excised and examined under a microscope.

Complete removal

Surgical excision ensures the complete removal of the lipoma, reducing the chances of recurrence.

Minimal Scarring

Our experienced dermatologists use precise techniques to minimize scarring, leaving you with the best cosmetic outcome.

Quick Recovery

Lipoma removal is typically an outpatient procedure with a relatively quick recovery time, allowing you to return to your normal activities soon.

Lipoma Removal Treatment

How to safely remove Lipoma

Lipomas are almost always harmless. If a lipoma is cosmetically concerning, then it can be removed. Lipoma removal techniques:

Surgical removal – Most lipomas are surgically removed through a scalpel cut. Recurrence after surgical removal can occur. Surgical excision will leave a linear scar where the lipoma was excised.

Deoxycholic acid – This is a scarless way to remove lipomas. The enzyme deoxycholic acid (a.k.a Belkyra) is injected into the lipoma to dissolve it. It can take 6 or more treatments to remove the lipoma depending on the size. The main limiting factor is the cost associated with this scarless technique. Only an advanced and experienced Dermatologist should be trusted to conduct this technique. FCP Dermatology is one of the very few clinics that offer this procedure.

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Lipoma Removal Treatment Experience

What to expect during a Lipoma removal procedure

Before the procedure – Dr. Bailey will evaluate your skin, measure the area, ask about your medical history, and inform you about the most appropriate procedure for your case. 

During the procedure –  The lesion will be injected with local anesthetic. After the anesthetic takes effect, patients will feel no pain or discomfort. These procedures typically take 15-20 minutes depending on the size of the growth. 

After the procedure –  Avoid sun exposure and continue to follow post-surgical instructions given by Dr. Bailey. Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours following the procedure to prevent bleeding.

Your expert Dermatologist

Meet Our Double Board-Certified Dermatologist
Our Dermatologist

A life dedicated to Dermatology and skin care

Dr. Kristy Bailey is a Double Board-Certified Dermatologist and Medical Director and Founder of FCP Dermatology. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Medical, Surgical, and Cosmetic Dermatology and is recognized as an expert in cosmetic injectables and minimally invasive procedures. 

Her vision was for a world-class facility where patients can feel safe, comfortable, and pampered. A little oasis in the busy financial district, where everyone leaves looking more rested and youthful. 

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Dr. Kristy Bailey


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Specialists in Lipoma Removal Treatments

FCP Dermatology is your Toronto Dermatology Clinic! Learn more about our Lipoma Removal treatments by contacting us!

All treatments are overseen by our Dermatologist

There are hundreds of nerves and arteries in your face and only a Board-Certified Dermatologist should be trusted to inject it.

At FCP Dermatology, all of our injections are performed by our Double-Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Kristy Bailey, MD, FRCPC, DABD.

Lipoma Removal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Lipoma Removal

A lipoma is a benign, fatty lump or growth that forms under the skin.

Lipomas can vary in size and location on the body, but they are typically similar in composition, consisting of fat cells.

Lipomas are typically removed in one session unless a re-excision is required. 

This procedure is performed by our Double-Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Kristy Bailey. 

There are no absolute contraindications, but in the following cases Dr. Bailey will have a longer discussion with you:

  • If you have severe immunosuppression.
  • If you have any local infection in the area to be treated.
  • If the lipoma produces neurological symptoms.
  • If you smoke cigarettes.
  • You are on anticoagulant medication

These situations will be evaluated by Dr. Bailey who will indicate the most appropriate treatment in each case before performing the removal procedure.

Generally, lipomas are removed for cosmetic purposes. 

Lipoma removal is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by OHIP.

A lipoma is a benign tumour composed of mature fat cells. Lipoma removals are safe when performed by trained Surgical Dermatologists with the proper tools and experience to perform the procedure. Lipoma removals are performed by our Double Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Kristy Bailey. At FCP Dermatology, every tissue removed is sent to an exclusive specialized Dermatopathologist for review.

No, lipomas are not cancerous. They are benign tumors and do not typically become cancerous. But its best to consult with a dermatologist or healthcare professional.

The exact cause of lipomas is unknown, but they are thought to have a genetic component.

Lipomas often appear on the neck, shoulders, back, arms, and thighs, but they can develop anywhere on the body.

Yes, lipomas can be removed through a minor surgical procedure if they are bothersome, painful, or affecting appearance.

Lipoma removal is typically not necessary unless the lipoma causes discomfort, pain, or cosmetic concerns.

Lipomas are usually removed through a simple surgical excision performed by a dermatologist or surgeon.

Lipoma removal can result in a small scar, but working with a dermatologists like Dr. Bailey will minimize scarring.

Lipomas that are completely removed typically do not grow back. However, new lipomas can develop in other areas.

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