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24k Aquagold Microneedling Facial

Aquagold Microneedling Facial is a revolutionary microneedling system using 24k gold needles. This microinjector delivers solutions, customized by our Dermatologist, directly into the skin using patented microchannel technology. The Aquagold medical microneedling device features twenty microchannels, each thinner than a strand of hair. These microchannels are made with 24k gold-plated stainless steel to prevent irritation and infection. They deliver microdoses of FCP Dermatology’s custom anti-aging cocktail underneath the skin’s surface.

This specialized formula composed of Vitamins, Amino Acids and Hyaluronic Acid combined in one product helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing hydration for dehydrated skin. Radiant skin will be seen 24 hours post treatment and will gradually improve over months.

24k Aquagold Facial Treatment

24k Aquagold Microneedling Facial Treatments

24k aquagold facial treatments

Aquagold Signature Treatment

This specialized formula composed of Vitamins, Amino Acids and Hyaluronic Acid combined in one product helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing hydration for dehydrated skin.

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Aquagold Deluxe Treatment

This unique and revitalizing formula crafted by Dr. Bailey contains an elevated cocktail of Vitamins, Amino Acids, combined with low levels of Botox® and Hyaluronic Acid Filler to address signs of aging while providing immediate skin tightening results.

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Aquagold WhiteIN Treatment

Our unique formula of arbutin-based product targets cells that are producing too much pigment and inhibits their ability to over-produce. It is a non-hydroquinone solution that does not bleach the skin but lowers pigment levels.

Aquagold Microneedling Treatment Benefits

24k Aquagold Microneedling Facial Treatment Benefits

The 24k Aquagold facial is an advanced microneedling treatment. The microneedling chamber is filled with a unique and personalized blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and in some cases, a small amount of Botox and hyaluronic acid filler. This combination of products results in tighter, glowing, radiant skin within 24 hours of treatment that lasts months. Aquagold involves two therapies: 1. Microinjuries lead to skin cell renewal and collagen production; 2. Personalized curated serums delivered into the dermis further provide anti-aging effects. The 24k Aquagold Facial can be applied in different areas such as; perioral (around the mouth), periocular (around the eyes),full face, neck, back of the hands, décolleté (around the chest). 

Reduces wrinkles and expression lines: skin looks youthful and healthy within days post-treatment, while significantly shrinking pore size.

Improves the appearance of scars: collagen production helps the healing process of old scars, improving the severity of textural issues.

Stimulates cell turnover: skin cells are recycled, and new collagen, elastin, and healthy skin cells are synthesized. New radiant skin is formed.

The procedure is quick and pain free: a prescription strength topical anesthetic is applied on the skin to minimize any discomfort.

Aquagold Microneedling Procedure

How does 24k Aquagold Microneedling Facial work?

With 20 ultrafine gold-coated needles, finer than a strand of human hair, Aquagold reaches the dermis (middle layer of the skin). The microneedles enter directly into the skin, allowing the unique active ingredients present in the vial to be absorbed effectively.

The technique is painless. There is no downtime and patients can immediately return to their normal routine. Aquagold is a revolutionary microneedling system approved and tested by Dermatologists, making it safe and effective. The 20 needles used in this treatment penetrate the superficial layer of the skin. Since we have an on-site Dermatologist at FCP Dermatology we are able to use stronger topical numbing agents making the treatment completely painless.

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Aquagold Microneedling Facial Treatment Experience
What to expect when getting a Aquagold Microneedling Facial?

Aquagold works best in a series of three treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. Although you will see glowing skin the day after your treatment, the results will continue to improve over months. If you are looking for tighter and hydrated skin with a smoother texture, then the 24k Aquagold Microneedling treatment is your answer.

Before the procedure – Avoid sun exposure and makeup use prior to the treatment session. Inform your doctor if you are taking anticoagulants or if you have any active skin infection in the treatment area (e.g. Herpes zoster, folliculitis, etc).

During the procedure – The skin will be prepped with a topical anesthetic. The device will be stamped evenly on the treatment area, releasing the serums into the skin while creating micro-punctures. You may experience some redness and mild swelling which lasts up to 24 hours.

After the procedure – Avoid applying makeup for 24 hours post-treatment. Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours and apply sunscreen of SPF30 or more daily.

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Our Dermatologist

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Dr. Kristy Bailey is a Double Board-Certified Dermatologist and Medical Director and Founder of FCP Dermatology. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Medical, Surgical, and Cosmetic Dermatology and is recognized as an expert in cosmetic injectables and minimally invasive procedures. 

Her vision was for a world-class facility where patients can feel safe, comfortable, and pampered. A little oasis in the busy financial district, where everyone leaves looking more rested and youthful. 

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Specialized 24k Aquagold Microneedling Treatments

FCP Dermatology is your Toronto Dermatology Clinic! Learn more about 24k Aquagold treatments by contacting us!

All treatments are overseen by our Dermatologist

There are hundreds of nerves and arteries in your face and only a Board-Certified Dermatologist should be trusted to inject it.

At FCP Dermatology, all of our injections are performed by our Double-Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Kristy Bailey, MD, FRCPC, DABD.

24K Aquagold Facial FAQ

We are here to help answer any 24K Aquagold Microneedling
related questions you may have.

AquaGold microneedling is a cosmetic treatment that involves the use of a specialized device called AquaGold Fine Touch. The device consists of a series of tiny gold-plated needles, which are smaller than traditional microneedles. These needles are used to deliver a customized blend of serums, vitamins, and other skin-enhancing substances into the skin.

The benefits are:

- Stimulates collagen and elastin production to thicken and firm weakened skin
- Improves skin texture
- Improves fine lines and wrinkles
- Gives a glow to the skin
- Improves pigmentation
- Allows the mixture to be administered in delicate areas such as the under-eye area
- Protects and moisturizes the skin
- At FCP Dermatology the cocktail is personalized for each patient depending on your skin type and concerns. This elevated level of care gives you better results than a one-size-fits-all approach   

Aquagold Microneedling Treatments can last approximately 60 minutes.

At FCP Dermatology, all treatments are supervised and overseen by our Double Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Kristy Bailey

The 24k Aquagold Microneedling treatment is aesthetic medical treatment, it is not covered by OHIP.

At FCP Dermatology we have an on-site Dermatologist which gives us the ability to use
stronger topical anesthetics. Very little to no discomfort is experienced at our clinic.

One of the advantages of AquaGold microneedling is that it typically involves minimal downtime or recovery. Some individuals may experience mild redness or slight swelling immediately after the treatment, but these effects usually subside within a few hours to a day. Most people can resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

This procedure has few contraindications: skin infection in the treatment area, pregnancy, lactation, allergy to any active ingredient, severe immunosuppression, poorly controlled diabetes and anticoagulants consumption.

You may notice some common injection-related reactions such as mild swelling, itching, bruising, redness and mild discomfort at the injection site. These reactions will disappear in a short time (hours) depending on your skin type

At FCP Dermatology we have an on-site Dermatologist which gives us the ability to use
stronger topical anesthetics. Very little to no discomfort is experienced at our clinic.

Aquagold is a versatile tool for the treatment of many cosmetic conditions, such as:

- Fine lines and wrinkles
- Pigmentation, sun spots, melasma
- Decreased skin elasticity
- Dry or dull skin

The collagen production achieved is permanent, but we do lose 1% of collagen a year. Maintenance treatments are recommended. The skin tightening results and glow can last approximately 3 months. This is a great procedure to do 2 weeks before an event so that your skin is radiant and flawless.

Because the Aquagold treatment offers buildable results, it works well with other treatments. To enhance your rested and glowing appearance, Aquagold can be used in conjunction with deeper dermal filler injections, Botox or lasers.

The number of AquaGold microneedling sessions required can vary depending on the individual's goals and the condition of their skin. However, multiple sessions are often recommended to achieve optimal results. Typically, a series of three to six treatments, spaced about four to six weeks apart, is recommended.

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