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Laser Peel Treatment

Exclusive to FCP Dermatology, the laser peel consists of a state-of-the-art laser genesis skin tightening treatment, followed by a light peel with a unique blend of glycolic and lactic acid. The result is tighter skin with a youthful glow free of sun damage. Laser Genesis is a light-based treatment that reaches the deepest layers of the skin to heat the underlying tissues which stimulates collagen and elastin formation. Laser Genesis is one of the most advanced laser technologies on the market for skin tightening.

The laser peel is a non-invasive technology developed to revitalize your skin. If you are looking for a firmer, healthier, and more youthful complexion request a consultation at FCP Dermatology today.

Laser Peel Treatment Overview

How does the Laser Peel work?

The Laser Genesis device has an innovative technology that uses a very stable neodymium-yag (Nd:YAG) laser light which allows multiple pulses per second at a high energy level. The treatment is perceived as a light and pleasant heat sensation. After the laser genesis treatment, the peel is applied to the skin which works to exfoliate the outer layers of the skin while promoting skin cell turnover. The peel contains lactic acid, which is an exfoliator that aids in removing dead, dull cells on the surface of the skin giving you brighter, softer skin. Glycolic acid helps to hydrate your exfoliated skin, helps speed up skin cell turnover, and boosts collagen production. In combination, this treatment reaches the deeper layers of your skin to provide a skin tightening effect while providing physical exfoliation of the skin leaving you with an immediate glow that lasts months.  

Skin Hydration

Stimulates new collagen which provides skin firmness, elasticity, and hydration.

Dull Skin

The glycolic and lactic acid provide an exfoliating effect which removes dead skin.

Enlarged Pores

It reduces enlarged pores, improving the appearance and quality of the skin for an immediate glow.


It reduces the appearance of sun damage and pigment, evening out the skin tone.

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Laser Peel Treatment Details

When are the Laser Peel results noticeable?

The number of scheduled sessions will depend on the diagnostic skin assessment and the patient’s desired results. In general, 4 sessions of the Laser Peel are recommended, in intervals of 4 weeks. At the end of these 4 sessions, a new case assessment will be carried out to see if any maintenance sessions are required.

Patients will leave with an immediate glow following their treatment. More significant changes begin to be noticed after 3 weeks. They continue to occur for 9 to 12 months after treatment ends. 

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Laser Peel Treatment Procedure

What technique is used to perform the Laser Peel treatment?

During the procedure, the specialized Laser Genesis Skin Tightening handpiece is waved over the skin surface. It applies gentle heat to the dermis and stimulates the return of depleted collagen. The peel is then gently applied to the skin, neutralized and cleansed.

Before the procedure – In preparation for your treatment, you are required to discontinue the use of any active acids (ie. Glycolic, Salicylic, Retinols etc.) for a minimum of 3 days pretreatment. It is also required that you avoid direct sun exposure on the treatment area for about 2 weeks before the procedure.

During the procedure – The laser treatment sessions usually last between 45-60 minutes depending on the size and surface to be treated. The handpiece will be waved over the treated area providing a warm sensation. Following the Laser Genesis Skin Tightening portion, the glycolic and lactic acid peel is applied for approximately 10 minutes and may be increased depending on the patient’s skin type. The treatment is followed by an LED light treatment to boost collagen and elastin production.

After the procedure – Your skin will have a healthy glow and possibly some mild redness (which will subside within a few hours). It is required that you avoid using any active acids (ie. Glycolic, Salicylic, Retinols etc.) for a minimum of 3 days post-treatment. Avoid direct sun exposure and protect your treated skin by applying SPF daily for at least 2 weeks.

Ongoing Care

At FCP Dermatology we are dedicated to the ongoing care of our patients to provide you with the best results possible.

Laser Peel Treatment Information

Can the Laser Peel be combined with other aesthetic treatments?

The Laser Peel works very well in combination with other therapies such as Excel V+ Laser, Microneedling, Hydrafacial etc. Our on-site Dermatologist and team of highly trained professionals will determine if a multifaceted approach is best to reach your desired results.

Specialists in Laser Peel Treatments

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Is the Laser Peel treatment a painful procedure?

The Laser Peel is a painless procedure. It is not necessary to use injected local anesthesia or any topical anesthetic creams since you will only experience a subtle and pleasant warm sensation while you have your Laser Peel treatment. The peel is gentle and may only result in a mild tingling sensation.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Peel Treatments

We are here to help answer any Laser Peel related questions you may have.

It is a non-invasive, quick, and painless procedure. The skin is not damaged. In fact, it will produce an immediate effect of a youthful glow.

No, this laser treatment does not require any downtime. Patients will leave with an immediate glow and can immediately return to normal activities.


Laser Peel can be applied on any skin phototype, as well as oily, dry, or mixed skin.

The laser penetrates the deep layers of the skin without damaging the skin’s surface. Therefore, the treatment can be performed at any time of the year. It is recommended to avoid direct sun exposure after the peel to maintain results.

After your treatment, it is recommended to not have direct sun exposure on the treated skin for 2 weeks.

A slight redness may appear on the treated skin due to the heat, but it will subside within a few hours post treatment.

People who have the following diagnoses and/or conditions should not get a laser peel treatment:

- Pregnancy and lactation.
- Accutane.
- Epilepsy.
- Patients undergoing skin cancer treatment.
- Melasma.
- Active herpes in the treatment area.
- Open wounds in the area to be treated.
- No self-tanning, no spray tan, etc. a minimum of 2 weeks pretreatment.

Typically, the laser peel is done on the face and neck. However, it can be done anywhere on the body. 

No, men commonly visit FCP Dermatology for our signature Laser Peel. It’s great for men who want more subtle skin tightening and removal of dead skin cells for a brighter appearance. It is required that the areas to be treated are completely shaven with no visible hair growth on the surface.

At FCP Dermatology, all treatments are supervised and overseen by our Double Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Kristy Bailey. 

Being an aesthetic/cosmetic medical treatment, it is not covered by medical insurance.

Yes, the treatment can be performed in the summer. It is recommended that you wear SPF daily and protect your treated skin from direct sun exposure for at least 2 weeks after the procedure.