Stem Cell Banking Treatments

Acorn Stem Cell Preservation

Stem Cell Preservation is the process of collecting and storing cells for future use in therapies and regenerative treatments. Your own stem cells will be the most important ingredient for regenerative treatments of the future. However, as we age, so do our cells, and over time they lose their regenerative potential. When it comes to cell treatments (especially for our skin and hair), younger cells can provide younger results. Preserving your own younger cells is the first step you can take in preparing for the future of regenerative anti-aging treatments.

FCP Dermatology has partnered with a live stem cell banking company called Acorn Biolabs at the Toronto General Hospital. This Biolab has patented cryopreservation technology to pause the clock on your cell’s aging process and provide your future self with more capable cells for stem cell uses.

Acorn Stem Cell Preservation Treatment Overview

What is regenerative medicine?

Instead of using drugs, surgeries, or implanted materials like plastics and metals to treat injury and disease- regenerative medicine uses our cells to help repair, regenerate and rejuvenate our bodies. Regenerative medicine leverages your own cell’s ability to repair the damages caused by diseases and aging rather than treating you with pharmaceuticals.

  • Uses cells instead of drugs as the main treatment methods
  • More focused on treating the root of the problem of illness, not only the symptoms
  • Can use your own cells to avoid rejection or donor complications
  • Can repair or rejuvenate your body using stem cells


PRP (Platelet rich plasma) is an example of regenerative treatments available today at FCP Dermatology and is used to rejuvenate skin and grow hair. With the promise of many more regenerative treatments on the horizon, it’s more important than ever to prepare your cells for the future.

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Acorn Stem Cell Preservation Treatment Details

How does stem cell preservation work?

FCP Dermatology has partnered with Acorn Biolabs- the world’s first, non-invasive follicle-based cell preservation service, and it is located in the Toronto General Hospital. Your cells are collected at FCP Dermatology through a quick, non-invasive, and painless procedure of plucking hair follicles. The hair follicle contains cells that have the ability to help rejuvenate skin, regrow hair, repair tissues and even be leveraged in stem cell applications. Once plucked, the follicle cells are verified for viability and then cryogenically frozen at -190°C at the Toronto General Hospital. This stops your cells from aging, so you can have access to younger cells for future regenerative treatments.

Potential areas for regenerative treatments:

Hair and skin – studies have shown that our own cells from our hair follicles can be leveraged to rejuvenate skin and grow hair. FCP Dermatology will be one of the first clinics in the world to use your own cells from your hair follicles for aesthetic anti-aging purposes in the skin and hair. Modern medicine is forever evolving and FCP Dermatology is always on the forefront of molecular and aesthetic medicine. 

Fitness and sport – Professional athletes are already leveraging PRP and cell treatments to recover from injury and heal their bodies. This can help extend active years and sustain high levels of performance. 

Health and longevity – Research has indicated that regenerative treatments can help repair nearly any tissue in the body. By leveraging a bank of your own younger cells, these treatments can produce younger results and help fight disease and illness that shows up as we age. 

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Acorn Stem Cell Preservation Treatment Procedure

What technique is used to capture my cells?

It consists of a non-invasive process where medical professionals at FCP Dermatology pluck 50 hair follicles from the side and back of the head. The collection is then transported back to the lab at the Toronto General Hospital where it will be processed and analyzed for viability. Once confirmed viable, your cells are frozen at -190°C, stopping their metabolism and the effects of aging. They remain in cryogenic storage and are accessible in the future for regenerative treatments.

Before the procedure – We will begin with an in-depth consultation where we will discuss cell preservation and answer any questions about this evolving procedure. Your cell collection can then begin.

During the procedure – We will noninvasively collect your cells by plucking 50 hair follicles and placing them in a liquid solution to keep the sample viable. The procedure is quick and painless, lasting about 20-30 minutes from start to finish. You will provide your contact information which is then sent with your sample of hair follicles to Acorn Biolabs at the Toronto General Hospital.

After the procedure – The sample is transported to the Toronto General Hospital. The Acorn Biolabs team will then cryogenically freeze your cells, stopping their metabolism and the effects of aging. Your cells will be ready to access for future regenerative treatments. You will receive an email from Acorn Biolabs to activate your cell banking subscription.

Ongoing Care

At FCP Dermatology we are dedicated to the ongoing care of our patients to provide you with the best results possible.

Stem Cell Preservation Treatment Information

Why do we use the hair follicle?

The average person has roughly 100,000 hair follicles. It’s a plentiful and diverse cell source that can be accessed non-invasively, and when plucked, regenerates naturally. This makes the follicle an ideal cell source for regenerative medicine. 

Research has shown that the hair follicle contains cells that have the ability to help rejuvenate skin, regrow hair, repair tissues and even be leveraged in revolutionary stem cell applications.  

Specialized Stem Cell Preservation Treatments

FCP Dermatology is your Toronto Dermatology Clinic! Learn more about Acorn Stem Cell Preservation treatments by contacting us!

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What is the best age to bank my cells?

While no two people are the same, the average person reaches a peak in cellular health in their 20s and then it slowly begins to decline. The best age to store your cells is now! You’re never as young as you are today, bank your cells as early as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Acorn Stem Cell Preservation Treatments

We are here to help answer any stem cell preservation related questions you may have.

The period of time in our life that we are actually “healthy” can be measured by an endpoint and a starting point much the way we measure “lifespan”. FCP Dermatology and Acorn Biolabs prefer to call that period of time “healthspan” because the reality is, it’s more important to have a healthy and long lifespan than to just have a long lifespan. 

The rapid increase in lifespan has made it hard for our healthspan to keep up and our healthspan starts to decline early on. A promising part of medical research has been the innovation of young stem cells’ ability to treat, and actually repair other cells. In fact, science is finding new ways to rejuvenate inflamed and chronically pained tissues or grow organs- simply by introducing younger cells to the human body. 

Banking your cells early ensures you’ll have access to a repository of healthy cells when you will need them most. 

The treatment is non-invasive with no downtime. Patients may experience some tenderness at the plucking site for a few hours post treatment, but this is very mild. 

It is a non-invasive, quick, and painless procedure. 50 hair follicles will be precisely plucked and placed in fluid which is then transported to Toronto General Hospital to be cryogenically frozen. 

Cryopreservation is the most widely accepted, medically-proven method of safe long-term preservation of human samples (specifically cells), at very low temperatures. This allows the cells to be maintained in the condition they were in when stored and allowing them to be used after thawing.

Yes, the medical community has been relying on cryopreservation to preserve sperm cells and oocytes (eggs) for generations already. Umbilical cord blood banking also uses cryopreservation. FCP Dermatology has partnered with Acorn Biolabs at the Toronto General Hospital as they have patented a transport media that allows us to send your cells safely and reliably for cryopreservation at the Toronto General Hospital. This allows your cells to be stored for a lifetime. 

First, they are analyzed for contamination and viability by the Acorn Biolabs team. Then, the hair follicles are suspended in a liquid that helps protect the cells from ice crystal damage. Your hair follicles and the cells in them are then cryopreserved at -190°C in separate vials and stored in two separate cryotanks which creates redundancy of samples for your peace of mind and more easily enables multiple uses.

At FCP Dermatology, all treatments are supervised and overseen by our Double Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Kristy Bailey. Cell collections are performed by our team of skilled and highly trained medical professionals.

Cell preservation is considered an elective treatment and is not covered by OHIP. As cell preservation advances, some private insurance providers may cover the cost of the procedure. Check with your private insurance provider to find out if cell preservation is a covered benefit in your insurance plan.

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