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Beauty expert Christine Cho visits FCP Dermatology to discuss the benefits of new advances in Microneedling treatments.

Doctor Kristy Bailey joins InStyle Magazine to comment on the best brightening eye creams of 2023.

Dr. Kristy Bailey joins Dina to share some winter skincare tips on how to keep your skin glowing through the cold weather.

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Dr. Bailey participates in an Expert Roundup: Famous Dermatologists Reveal Their Best Skin Care Routines.

The 10 best moisturizers for dry skin, tested and reviewed by experts.   

Dr. Bailey joins Breakfast Television to talk about the moisturizing tips to keep your skin hydrated.

Does cutting sugar and alcohol really help your skin? Dr. Bailey shares her expert opinion in this insightful news article.


How to have the best skin of your life- from the foods that help to the products that work.

Dr. Kristy Bailey speaks with Paige Ellis about inflation, and rising prices of Botox & Filler.

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 Exclusive Interview With Dr. Kristy Bailey of FCP Dermatology for Winner Magazine | BNS News.

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There are so many factors working against our skin that it takes an actual team of experts to fix.

As a top expert in Surgical and Cosmetic Dermatology, Dr. Bailey is frequently quoted in the media.

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