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Excel V+ Laser for Redness and Rosacea Treatment​

The Excel V+ laser is the most cutting-edge technology for treating rosacea and redness. It acts on the skin by releasing yellow light. This light is absorbed by the blood vessels which coagulate and then our body resorbs them. The Excel V+ laser is effectively used to eliminate small red blood vessels, redness and rosacea in 3 to 4 sessions. It also reduces flushing which is typically caused by rosacea.

The advantage of Excel V+ laser for redness and rosacea treatment in comparison with other existing procedures is significant since it selectively acts on blood vessels without damaging peripheral tissue. This laser is the most effective technique to treat redness and rosacea.

Excel V+ Laser Treatment Overview

What is the Rosacea Treatment?

Rosacea is a condition characterized by the presence of erythema or redness on the skin. Rosacea treatments must be customized to each patients type of rosacea. The different types are:

  • Erythematous rosacea: mainly redness and dilated blood vessels.
  • Papulopustular rosacea: redness with acne-like bumps. 
  • Ocular rosacea: redness and burning of the eyes.
  • Phymatous Rosacea: skin thickening, usually on the nose.
Rosacea Excel V+ Laser Treatments

Excel V+ Laser Treatment Details

What is a laser treatment for redness and rosacea and what are the benefits?

The Excel V+ laser is the most advanced vascular pulsed dye laser on the market. Only the most advanced dermatology clinics offer this laser. It is used to treat redness and dilated blood vessels under the skin. The laser creates light that passes through the skin’s top layer. This heats and destroys the abnormal blood vessels. In contrast to IPL or intense pulsed light that treats many different skin conditions but does none of them really well, the excel V+ laser only treats reds and browns and does it very well. IPL is typically referred to as the” jack of all trades, master of none.” Excel V+ laser is a powerful laser to only target red or brown spots to perfection.

This treatment allows redness and flushing to be reduced by more than 50 percent. It can also eliminate tiny red blood vessels on the face, around the nose, or on the body. It can even eliminate larger green veins in some cases. 

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Excel V+ Laser Treatment Procedure

How does the Excel V+ Laser help with Redness and Rosacea Treatment?

The Excel V+ laser coagulates the small blood vessels that make the skin appear red or flush. Coagulated blood is removed by our body’s cleansing system through the macrophages’ response. The Excel V+ laser treatment for redness takes approximately 60 minutes. Four sessions are recommended, with 1-month intervals.

Before the procedure – A careful analysis of your skin will be performed by our team of experts and our on-site Dermatologist. We will create a detailed treatment plan to treat all your skin concerns. Do not expose the treatment area to the sun or use a self-tanner for 2 weeks prior to the treatment.  

During the procedure – Our educated, experienced, and licensed laser technicians will explain all pre and post-treatment instructions. The Excel V+ handpiece is used on the areas to be treated. The cooling handpiece provides a soothing effect to minimize any discomfort. 

After the procedure – Your skin may feel “hot” after the laser treatment. This is normal and will resolve in 1-2 days. It is recommended to avoid applying any moisturizer until the heat sensation has resolved. Mild swelling may occur immediately after the treatment. Patients can use a cold compress for 20-minute intervals for the remainder of the day. If swelling becomes significant or worse throughout the day, it is recommended to take an antihistamine for the next 3 days post-treatment. Rarely a bruise can appear in localized areas. This is normal and will resolve in 4-5 days.

Ongoing Care

At FCP Dermatology we are dedicated to the ongoing care of our patients to provide you with the best results possible.

Excel V+ Laser Treatment Information

Which professionals can treat patients with Excel V+ laser for Redness and Rosacea Treatments?

Lasers are not regulated in Canada so anyone can operate a laser. We do unfortunately see burns and pigment changes from lasers being operated by unqualified technicians at other clinics. Be careful and do your research. A Dermatology clinic with an on-site Dermatologist and licensed experienced laser technicians is where you want to go.

At FCP Dermatology, all treatments are supervised and overseen by our Double Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Kristy Bailey.

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Is the Excel V+ laser treatment painful?

The Excel V+ Laser treatment for redness and rosacea can produce a warm snapping sensation on the skin. The treatment can cause some mild discomfort but is easily managed by most patients. At FCP Dermatology, our team of highly skilled and licensed laser technicians are trained to make each patient’s treatment a comfortable experience. The handpiece provides a cooling effect to minimize any mild tenderness during the treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Excel V+ Laser Treatments for Redness and Rosacea Treatments

We are here to help answer any Laser related questions you may have.

The Excel v+ laser for redness and rosacea is considered a cosmetic treatment which is not covered.

The blood vessels that are treated and eliminated by the Excel V+ treatment do not reappear. However, new blood vessels can appear. It is recommended to do a maintenance treatment once per year.

This treatment is effectively performed for skin types 1-3. Since we have an on-site Dermatologist, we can sometimes treat darker skin types. Visit us for a full consultation to see if the redness and rosacea laser is right for you.

Like any laser treatment, it is not recommended to be carried out during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. It should also be avoided if you have any skin infections in the area to be treated.

At FCP Dermatology, we only have the best, licensed laser technicians in the country.  Mild short-term side effects of the Excel V+ laser treatment for redness and rosacea are as follows: Erythema or redness in the area treated which subsides within a few hours to a few days. Swelling can occur in the first 48 hours after the treatment. This swelling can be treated with the use of antihistamines. 

Long-term side effects have never occurred at FCP Dermatology, however we have seen these long term effects in patients who received laser treatments at other clinics by inexperienced and uneducated laser operators. These side effects include: 

- Pigmentation (brown and white marks on the skin)
- Scarring 
- Burns

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