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The All Natural Green Peel

The Green Peel is a completely natural herbal peeling treatment that regenerates the skin, removes acne and lifts pigment away from the skin. It is made up of nine selected herbs containing various enzymes, minerals and vitamins. This mixture is massaged into the skin to treat several skin conditions such as melasma, acne, sun spots and brown age spots.

The treatment stimulates blood circulation and accelerates cell metabolism. This helps to remove acne and pigmentation on the skin to even out skin tone. In addition, the Green Peel helps to reduce fine lines, scars and other skin impurities. The treatment visibly improves the skin’s appearance after one treatment and has minimal downtime. For best results, we recommend a series of three Green Peels.

At FCP Dermatology, our on-site Dermatologist allows for us to customize the Green Peel to each skin type and offer a stronger version if required for enhanced results. This will be discussed during your consultation at FCP Dermatology.

Green Peel Treatment Overview

What does the Green Peel treat?

The Green Peel is indicated to treat acne, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (or marks left over from acne), sun spots or brown age spots, seborrheic or oily skin, and uneven pigment. Any area on the face or body can be treated with the Green Peel. The most common areas to do a Green Peel is on the face, chest, and back.

Green Peel Treatment Benefits

Green Peel Treatment Benefits

Reduces the obstruction of oil glands to treat and prevent blemishes and blackheads.

Stimulates the production of new skin cells, lifting off pigment, melasma, and acne.

Activates skin cell metabolism to purify the skin by removing toxins, blemishes and impurities.

Boosts collagen and elastin production which firms the skin and reduces the depth of fine lines.

Green Peel Treatment Details

How does the Green Peel work?

The Green Peel consists of nine carefully selected herbs that are blended together to form the mixture (including Camomile, Marigold, Algae, Aloe Vera, Lungwort, Pansy and others). In contrast to other exfoliating treatments, the Green Peel does not contain any chemical or synthetic peeling agents.

The Green Peel herbs have micro-particles that “polish” the upper skin layers (removes the epidermis). The other active ingredients of the herbal preparation will penetrate the skin to destroy acne, stimulate collagen and lift away pigment.

It is recommended to do this treatment when you have a couple of days of downtime, as the skin will be red to pink for up to 3 days. You should avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks after the treatment.

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Green Peel Treatment Procedure

What technique is used to perform a Green Peel treatment?

The results are renewed, refreshed and revitalized skin with less acne and more even skin tone. The Green Peel is best done in a series of 3 treatments, spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart.

Before the procedure – Avoid sun exposure and do not use any exfoliating products such as retinol for 2-3 days before the treatment.

During the procedure – No local anesthetic is required. The treatment will take about 1 hour to complete.

After the procedure – Avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks and use sunscreen daily. Avoid strenuous physical activities for the first 24 hours. Soaps are not recommended on the treated area for 24 hours. After a peel the skin can dry out quite a bit, so it is recommended to use a gentle hydrating moisturizer.

Ongoing Care

At FCP Dermatology we are dedicated to the ongoing care of our patients to provide you with the best results possible.

Green Peel Treatment Information

Which professionals can offer Green Peels?

At FCP Dermatology all treatments are supervised and overseen by our Double Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Kristy Bailey. In addition, all of our experienced and licensed medical aestheticians have undergone specific and extensive training on the Green Peel and hold a certificate of achievement in the procedure. Do your research and only trust a clinic with an on-site Board-Certified Dermatologist to do these advanced peels on your skin.

Specialists in Green Peel Treatments

FCP Dermatology is your Toronto Dermatology Clinic! Learn more about Green Peel treatments by contacting us!

Contraindications: Who should not get a Green Peel?

Green Peel can be done at any time throughout the year. The Green Peel is not recommended to patients with known allergies to herbs. It is also not recommended if there are skin infections in the area to be treated.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Green Peel Treatments

We are here to help answer any Green Peel related questions you may have.

After treatment, the skin may appear reddish and with a slight burning sensation. After three or four days, the old skin will fall off and a new layer of skin will emerge.

It is recommended to do this treatment when you have a couple of days of downtime, as the skin will be red to pink for up to 3 days. You should avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks after the treatment.

Yes, the Green Peel treatment can be done at any time of the year, but patients should avoid sun exposure and wear SPF for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the treatment.

In general, the Green Peel is not painful. A tingling and/or itching sensation can be perceived.

A Green Peel is an aesthetic medical treatment, it is not covered by OHIP

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