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Theradome Laser Hair Growth Helmet

At FCP Dermatology, we only practice evidence-based medicine. This means that we only offer products and services that are backed by strong science and proven to work.  The Theradome Laser Helmet is a clinically proven, FDA-approved hair growth treatment that uses laser technology to stimulate follicle and tissue repair, reverse hair miniaturization, and promote hair growth.

At FCP Dermatology we bring you the worlds most advanced laser hair growth treatment to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Unlike Light Emitting Diode (LED) devices, laser light targets the stem cells at the base of hair follicles. This allows the formation of a new photonic pathway that can restore hair to a healthy state. The Theradome one-of-a-kind laser hair helmet was engineered based on four crucial scientific criteria, which together provide the most powerful and efficacious laser hair growth treatment available.  

At FCP Dermatology we use a combination of in-clinic and at-home hair growth treatments to maximize hair growth potential.

Theradome Hair Restoration Treatments

Theradome Laser Hair Growth Treatment Indications

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Hair Growth

The Theradome laser helmet stimulate cellular activity within the follicles, improve blood circulation to the scalp, and increase the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which may result in thicker, healthier hair and a reduction in hair loss over time

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Reduces Inflammation

The Theradome laser helmet  has been proven to modulate inflammatory responses in tissues by reducing the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and increasing the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines.  

Theradome Laser Treatment Overview

The Theradome Laser Helmet

The Theradome Laser Helmet is a clinically proven, FDA-approved hair growth treatment that uses low laser light technology to stimulate follicle and tissue repair, reverse hair miniaturization, and promote hair growth. While the Theradome is not an overnight solution for hair restoration, patients can begin to see results after 3 months of use. The Theradome can be used long-term, twice a week, as a part of your hair care regimen.

Low Laser Light Therapy is a proven, highly effective, and safe hair loss treatment. In clinical studies, it helps up to 90% of hair loss sufferers with no side effects and virtually no contraindications.

Increased hair quality, achieve longer, thicker hair.

Clinically proven to produce 20 new hairs per cm².

Hair growth treatment in the comfort of your own home.

FDA cleared hair growth treatment for men and women.

Laser Light Therapy

How does Laser Light Therapy work?

Patients who suffer from hair loss experience reduced blood flow to their hair follicles and scalp tissues. A reduced blood flow will result in fewer nutrients being delivered to cells, which can result in cellular damage and underperforming hair growth. Genetically vulnerable hair follicles are affected by hormonal factors, which compromise the body’s ability to nourish its hair follicles. Malnourished hair follicles cause hair miniaturization. Hair becomes thinner, shorter, and more brittle. Hair loss accelerates. Eventually, only vellus, peach fuzz hair grows. In some cases, hair completely stops growing.

Low Laser Light Therapy stimulates cell activity through photochemistry. This process is similar to how vitamin D is created through sun exposure.

Continually delivering a concentrated wavelength of monochromatic light, low laser light penetrates targeted tissue painlessly, safely, and effectively. The Theradome laser helmet stimulates blood flow and circulation in the scalp, allowing nutrients to be efficiently delivered to the hair follicle. This reduces miniaturization, prevents additional hair loss, and restores healthy hair generation.

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Theradome Hair Restoration Treatment Experience

What To Expect During a Theradome Laser Light Treatment

Studies show that placing the Theradome helmet on your scalp for 20 minutes twice a week can grow 20 new hairs per cm². This treatment can be done quickly and effectively in the comfort of your own home. At FCP Dermatology, we will sit down with you, examine your hair to be sure you are a good candidate for the Theradome, explore other treatment options available, and demonstrate how to use the device.

Before the treatment – Our in-clinic assessment will determine if you are a good candidate for Low Laser Light Therapy. Our Dermatologist is always on-site.

During the treatment – The helmet is cordless, providing you with the ability to continue your daily activities during the treatment. Place the helmet on your head and press the button to start the treatment. Once started, the helmet will continue to guide you through the treatment and the time remaining. Do this twice a week for 20 minutes for best results.

After the treatment –  This treatment is completely non-invasive. Patients will not suffer from side effects and will be able to continue with their daily activities.

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Dr. Kristy Bailey is a Double Board-Certified Dermatologist and Medical Director and Founder of FCP Dermatology. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Medical, Surgical, and Cosmetic Dermatology and is recognized as an expert in cosmetic injectables and minimally invasive procedures. 

Her vision was for a world-class facility where patients can feel safe, comfortable, and pampered. A little oasis in the busy financial district, where everyone leaves looking more rested and youthful. 

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Theradome Hair Restoration FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Theradome Light Helmet

- Increased hair quality; achieve longer, thicker hair. 
- Prevents hair shedding.
- Advanced hair growth treatment in the comfort of your own home.
- Comfortable and easy to use. 
- Increased blood flow and circulation to the hair follicle allowing the absorption of nutrients.
- Prevents inflammation in the scalp which can hinder hair growth.
- FDA-cleared hair growth treatment for men and women. 
- Clinically proven to produce 20 new hairs per cm².

Laser light therapy requires no downtime. Patients can perform daily activities during the treatment and can continue to do so after the treatment.

The Theradome Light Helmet is completely non-invasive. This 20-minute treatment can be done in the comfort of your own home, with no side effects.

For best results the Theradome should be used long-term, twice a week. Patients can begin to see results after 3 months of use.

The Theradome Laser Helmet is not covered by insurance providers.

It is generally safe to use the Theradome laser helmet. However, if you have any underlying medical conditions or are undergoing certain medical treatments, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before using the device to ensure its suitability and safety for your specific situation.

Patients with shiny bald areas or scarring alopecia may not be candidates for laser light therapy as this is an indication of a hair follicle that has scarred over and cannot grow back. This is why it is important to come to FCP Dermatology for a consultation first to be sure you are a candidate for Laser Light Therapy.

Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult with our Double Board-Certified Dermatologist before undergoing Laser Light Therapy.

Laser Light Therapy is best used in combination with other treatments such as PRP hair growth treatments, Aquagold Hair+ Medical Microneedling, Hydrafacial Keravive, and Viviscal Professional hair supplements. This multi-faceted approach delivers the greatest efficacy of hair growth treatments. Consult FCP Dermatology today to find out which hair growth plan is right for you.

Yes, the Theradome laser helmet is considered safe for use. It utilizes low-level laser therapy (LLLT), which is a non-invasive and painless treatment. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for safe and effective use.

The Theradome laser helmet is suitable for individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. It can be used by both men and women. It is important to note that the helmet may not be effective for everyone, and results can vary depending on the underlying cause of hair loss and individual response

The Theradome laser helmet is typically used twice a week for 20 minutes per session. Consistency is key for optimal results. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions and treatment protocol provided with the device.

Results can vary among individuals, and it may take several months of consistent use to see noticeable improvements. Hair growth is a gradual process, and individual response may differ based on factors such as the underlying cause of hair loss and adherence to the treatment regimen.

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